Collaborative Viability Framework

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Collaborative Viability Framework

Shared understanding of the current state of viability

What is a Collaborative Viability Framework?

The Collaborative Viability Framework is a ground-breaking process developed to increase the viability, attractiveness and business growth of municipalities. It is based on cooperation between the companies, educational institutions and the public sector, with the aim of creating a common vision for the development of their region.

The framework consists of three forums, each of which addresses the viability of the region from a different perspective. The process takes approximately 4-6 months and it's organized together by the representatives from business, education and public sector of the municipality. As a result of the process, a shared understanding of the viability of the region is created through an accurate analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the municipality together with a set of shared aspirations and plans for their implementation.

The model can be used by municipalities, cities, regions and organizations of all sizes who want to strengthen cooperation and growth in the region.



Why to start using Collaborative Viability Framework?

It is an excellent tool for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of a region. It also helps to identify the key phenomena that the different sectors want to commit to developing together. The new connections and trust that emerge from the process also create opportunities for new forms of cooperation tailored to the needs of the region. The implementation of the framework is simple and the workbook provides instructions and guidelines for each step of the process.

Success Stories

"Our aim was to use the framework as a foundation for the city's new Economic Policy Programme and this was very successful. For the first Forum, we brought together over 70 public, education and business stakeholders around the same table, which allowed us to build an unprecedented common vision together."

Kristian Keinänen, Head of Development 
City of Riihimäki 


"The main benefits of the process were building and growing a network, especially with local associations and entrepreneurs. We also gained a common understanding of the current state of the viability, which will serve as a basis for a new vitality programme for the municipality of Hausjärvi."

Pekka Määttänen, Mayor
Municipality of Hausjärvi 


"Understanding the current situation and phenomena is an essential part of the groundwork needed for developing an economic programme and the collaborative framework provided a suitable tool for this fieldwork. The most important thing for us was to make the voice of entrepreneurs heard, and this was very successful."

Ismo Holstila, Head of Vitality
Municipality of Janakkala

How does the Collaborative Viability Framework continue?

To maximize the benefits of the framework, it’s best to make it a permanent model rather than a one-off experiment. This will allow for continued dialogue and cooperation between different sectors, strengthen the region's capacity for change and ensure the continuous positive development of the region. We recommend renewing the process annually as a shorter version, bringing the three sectors together again to review progress towards the objectives and address the new implications of the changing world.

The phase 2 aims to:

  • Analyze the changing world and how new phenomena affect the current situation in the region

  • Measure how the work done so far has changed the situation and circumstances

  • Encourage experimentation and learning together

  • Keep the perspective of businesses and educational institutions in the decision-making process